How to get Marriage Registered in Pune

When a male and a female, parties to the marriage who does not want to marry in a religious ceremony can go for a civil ceremony as per the provisions of Special Marriage Act. However, all the procedures mentioned above for registration of marriage in front of the registrar of marriages should be followed, if one of the parties to the marriage is foreign national. The parties generally are required to wait at least 30 days from the date of initial application to formalize the marriage so that the registrar of marriages can publish a notice of the application for the marriage allowing an opportunity for any objections to be filed against the concerned marriage. The office of the registrar of marriages is generally situated in a local court complex or municipal building.

However, The Supreme court of India recently ordered compulsory registration of marriages of all religions. Therefore, statewise legistlation are in place across the state of India or it is under the process of legislation.

Registration Officer and visa authorities to attach an affidavit stating his current marital status. This information should be attached with the request for registration of marriage certificate.