legal consultancy

Legal Consultancy on Annual Basis

We offer legal consultancy on an annual basis for Co-Operative Housing Societies in and around.
The legal consultancy will be provided for registered & to be registered societies on following services:-

  1. Consultancy for Society Registration / Formation.
  2. Consultancy for Conveyance Deed / Deemed Conveyance.
  3. Consultancy for society issues mentioned here in under:
    1. Recovery Proceeding u/s. 101 MCS Act 1960 [ Up to Rs. 25,000/- recovery only.]
    2. Consultancy & basic compliance for recovery i.e. issuance of notices etc… and letters to defaulter members etc…
    3. Consultancy regarding laws and bylaws of the society.
    4. Consultancy for procedure related to share certificates.
    5. Consultancy for the election of managing committee.
    6. Consultancy for GBM, SGM & AGM etc…
    7. Consultancy to initiate legal proceedings against any member who causes nuisance to the society
    8. Consultation for documents authentication.
    9. Consultancy for any other miscellaneous society related matters excluding the following judicial or quasi-judicial matters [Court Cases].

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