Consultancy under VED LEGAL

1) Services for Co-Operative Housing Societies.
2) Services for Transfer relating to Immovable Properties.
3) Services for matters relating to matrimonial cases.
4) Services for Nationalized Banks and Co-Operative Banks.
5) Services for Builders/ Promoters and Developers.
6) Services for Limited and Private Limited Companies.
7) Services for Individuals.
8) Company Secretarial Services

1) Services for Co-Operative Housing Societies.

a) Legal Consultancy on Annual Basis
• Recovery Proceeding u/s. 101 MCS Act 1960 [ Up to Rs. 25,000/- recovery only.]
• Consultancy & basic compliance for recovery i.e. issuance of notices etc… and letters to defaulter members etc…
• Consultancy regarding laws and bylaws of the society.
• Consultancy for procedure related to share certificates.
• Consultancy for the election of managing committee.
• Consultancy for GBM, SGM & AGM etc…to initiate legal proceedings against any member who causes nuisance to the society
• Consultation for documents authentication.
• To handle Disputes of Societies in Court of Law
• Consultancy for legal action initiating towards nuisance caused by any member or his/her tenants/ relatives
• Consultancy for restraining illegal activities in the premises of the society.

b) Co-Operative Housing Societies Formation/ Registration
There are four types of Housing Co-operative Societies
• Open Plot type Societies [Tenant ownership]
• Flat Owners Societies [Tenant Co partnership]
• Tenant Societies

c) Execution and Registration Process of Conveyance Deed and Deemed Conveyance of Co-Operative Housing Societies

2) Services for Transfer relating to Immovable Properties.

a) Transfer of Immovable Property i.e Land, Plot, Bungalow, Flat etc through registered instrument such as Sale Deed, Transfer Deed, Assignment Deed, Apartment Deed, Gift Deed, Agreement to sale, Agreement of assignment, Article of agreement, etc in accordance with the provisions of Transfer of Property Act 1882, Indian Registration Act 1908 and Bombay Stamp Duty Act 1958.

3) Services for matters relating to matrimonial cases

a) Legal Consultancy for marriage registration and validation
b) Legal Consultancy for Divorce u/s 13(a) and 13(b)
c) Legal Consultancy for Domestic Violence
d) Legal Consultancy for Maintenance u/s 125
e) Legal consultancy for custody of child/ children
f) Legal consultancy for Dowry / Dowry Death
g) Legal Consultancy for Desertion, Cruelty, Adultery, Bigamy, Impotency etc.
h) Legal Consultancy for Conjugal rights u/s 9
i) Legal Consultancy for illegitimate child rights.
j) Legal Consultancy for Remarriage.

4) Services for Nationalized Banks and Co-Operative Banks.

a. Legal Documentation and title verification- Title verification of immovable properties by issuing title search report, Drafting and registration of various agreements and deeds before competent authority.
b. And other Due diligence required for Title clearance against every transfer, mortgage, lean, lease etc…

5) Services for Builders/ Promoters and Developers.

a. Execution and Registration of various Agreements and Deeds
b. Formation of Apartments and Condominium
c. Formation and Registration of Coop. Hsg. Societies and all legal compliance thereof
d. Execution of Conveyance Deed

6) Services for Limited and Private Limited Companies.

a. Legal consultancy for settlement of corporate disputes
b. Legal Consultancy for issues Related Trade Mark

7) Services for Individuals.

a. Legal consultancy for maintenance for senior citizens
b. Legal consultancy for Partition of Immovable properties.
c. Legal consultancy for Transfer of Immovable properties.
d. Legal Consultancy for Accidental claims.
e. Legal Consultancy for Contracts and Agreements
f. Legal Consultancy for Complaint, Suit, Claim, Dispute, Appeal Etc
g. Legal Consultancy for Writ Petition.
h. Legal Consultancy for Dishonor of cheque u/s 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act.

8) Company Secretarial Services

• Incorporation
• Conversion of other forms of organisations into private/public company
• Annual Filing & Compliances under Companies Act 1956 & Companies Act,2013
• XBRL Reporting
• Preparation and filing of various e-forms under Companies Act 2013
• Drafting, alterations to Memorandum & Articles of Association
• Changes in Capital structure, Issue and allotment of securities
• Charge- creation, modification & satisfaction
• Regulatory approvals from Registrars, Regional Director, NCLT
• Corporate Restructuring
• Winding Up and Dissolution Petitions
• Corporate Advisory & allied secretarial services

• Incorporation of LLP, Registration of firms
• Conversion of Company/ Partnership into LLP
• Annual Filing and yearly compliances for LLP
• Modifications in LLP and Partnership agreement
• Appointment, retirement of partners
• Winding- up & dissolution
• Advisory Services

• Agreements for start-ups: Shareholders Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement, JV agreements
• Drafting of commercial contracts& vetting of legal agreements
• Drafting of Affidavits, Declarations & Undertakings
• Franchisee Agreements
• Technology Transfer Agreements, Royalty Agreements

• Registration of Trademark, Trade name,
• Registration of Copyright
• Registration of Patent
• Advisory Services

• Customized Labour Laws audit
• Customized Company Law Audit & Due diligence report
• Customized Compliance Calendar under Corporate Laws.

• Application for Director Identification Number(DIN)
• Acquiring Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
• PAN, TAN, MVAT, Service Tax registrations
• Investor related services:, share transfer, transmission of shares, duplicate share certificates, De-mat applications
• Business set-up consultancy and guidance