Who can be a Member of Co-operative Housing Society?

Who can be a Member of Co-operative Housing Society?

  • An individual who is competent to contract
  1. One who has attained age of maturity.
  2. Who is of sound mind
  3. Who is not disqualified from contracting by any law to which he is subject, but a minor may be admitted as member through his guardian.
  • A firm, company, or any other body cooperate constituted under any law for the time being in force, or a society registered under the societies Registration Act, 1860
  • A society registered, or deemed to be registered.
  • The state Government or Central Government.
  • A local Authority.
  • A public trust registered.

The provisions of clause (a) shall not apply to an individual seeking admission to a society exclusively formed for the benefit of students of a school or college:

Open membership: (1) No society shall, without sufficient cause, refuse admission to membership to any person duly qualified therefore under the provisions of this Act and its bye-laws.

Where a society refuses to accept the application from and eligible person form getting membership, or the payment made by him in respect of membership, such person may make an application in such form as may be prescribed together with payment in respect of membership, if any, to the Registrar, who shall forward the application and the amount, if any , so paid, to the society concerned within thirty days from the date of receipt of such application and the amount; and thereupon if the society fails to communicate any decision to the applicant within sixty days from the date of receipt of such application, then the person making application for membership becomes member.