Amendments in Maharashtra Ownership Flats (Regulation of the promotion of construction, sale, management and transfer) Act, 2005 giving a huge relief to hundreds and thousands of flats purchasers in Maharashtra. Conveyance to the societies was a burning issues which have integrated many problems like property tax, housing finance documentations and major repairs or redevelopment.

The highlights of the amendments are as under:
• Builder/s will have to execute the conveyance.
Power is given to the District Deputy Registrar to act as Competent Authority. (Sec. 5A)
• Power is given to Competent Authority for registration of Co-operative Society under the provisions of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960. (Sec. 10(1) )
• It is the duty of the promoter (builder) to file with the Competent Authority within the prescribed period a copy of the conveyance executed by him (Sec. 11(2))
• If the promoter fails to execute the conveyance in favour of Co-operative Society, Company or Associations or Apartment Owners as the case may be, then the flat purchasers can approach the Competent Authority with true copy of registered agreement of all the flat purchasers including Occupation Certificate, Registration Certificate of the society then in such circumstances the Co-operative Society, Company or Associations is entitled to have unilateral deemed conveyance (Sec. 11(3))
• The proceedings before the Competent Authority have to be completed within a period of 6 months. The Competent Authority must verify the authenticity of the document produced before him and after giving a reasonable opportunity to the promoter, if satisfied will issue a certificate to the Sub-Registrar or any other Registration Officer under the Registration Act, 1908, certifying that it is a fit case for enforcing unilateral execution of conveyance deed conveying the right, title and interest of the promoter in the land and the building in favour of the applicant, as deemed conveyance(Sec. 11(4))
• The sub registrar after receipt of the certificate issued by the Competent Authority along with the unilateral instrument of conveyance can issue summons to the promoter to show cause why the unilateral instrument should not be registered as deemed conveyance. However, reasonable opportunity of being heard may be given to the promoter. If the Sub-Registrar is satisfied then he will register the unilateral conveyance as ‘deemed conveyance’. (Sec. 11(5))
• The Competent Authority has been created who has powers to award criminal imprisonment to the builder/s for a period not less than 6 months and not more than 1 year and / or along with fine ranging from Rs 10,000/- to 50,000/-. (Sec. 13(3)(a) & 13(3)(b))
• The builder/s if convicted will not be able to carry on construction activities for a period of five years. However, the disqualification shall not affect the permission for construction of flats already granted. (Sec. 13 (4), 13(5) & 13(6) )
• The Competent Authority shall be deemed to be a public servant as per the provisions of Indian Penal Code. (Sec. (13B)
• Proceedings before Competent Authority shall be aimed to be judicial proceedings as per the provisions of Indian Penal Code. (Sec. 13C)
• Competent Authority shall be deemed to be a Civil Court for certain purposes. (Sec. 13D)
• No action can be taken against the Competent Authority for acts done in good faith by the Competent Authority. (Sec. 13E)
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