Private Equity Investment transactions

Private Equity Investment transactions

We are driven by the belief that technology is bringing in huge change and affects all aspects of our lives. Such change brings in legal complications that are often not clear or well understood. We are focused on reading law to suit the changing needs of business in India.

Our aim is to implement customized legal solutions to meet our client’s needs. We believe that you should focus on developing your business and revenues; and we would take care of the rest compliances.

With the rising boom of start-ups and entrepreneurial spirit in India, raising of external capital has become one of the key milestones to be achieved by the founders. From getting their corporate structure right to proper documentation and handling rest processes become a key area of practice.

We can handle company incorporation, Founder agreement, capital contribution arrangements, term sheet negotiations, basic due diligence, definitive documentation, issuance of instruments, materialization of securities, etc.

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