Housing Society Formation Pune

Housing Society Formation Pune

While booking a flat – you cannot focus only on owning your own home. You have to focus on how you can live a comfortable life in your own home – in your housing scheme. The best & the only way to enjoy a comfortable life in your own flat is to form a Co-Operative Housing Society and manage it well.
while booking a flat & registering flat agreement – first time home buyers give least importance to whether the builder is going to form a Co-Operative Housing Society or an Association of Apartments. Including how much the builder is charging to form it.
However, after flat possession, some flat buyers understand the benefits of a Co-Operative Housing Society and to correct their mistake – start fighting with the builders.

Instead of that – before booking a flat – if you confirm that the builder is going to form a Co-Operative Housing Society – you can live a comfortable life & earn good property appreciation if you manage your society. well.

Co-Operative Housing Society is better than Association of Apartments for 2 reasons –
1)Ownership 2)Management
Housing scheme is a collective living – community living – living in a group.
If the ownership of the entire housing scheme – all buildings & the plot of land – is with a community – means with a Co-Operative Housing Society – maintaining society & developing community life becomes essential & easy. That’s why Maharashtra Government has passed cooperative law & developed entire system to support smooth functioning of Co-Operative Housing Societies.
Including a special court.

Against this – in an Association of Apartments – the ownership of a flat & equal share of a plot – is with individual flat buyers. This is inorganic & unnatural.

Along with legal system, there are service providers who specialize in maintaining the property and managing accounts of a Co-Operative Housing Society.

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Housing Society Registration In Pune

A co-operative society is the perfect fit for a residential building as flat-owners have common needs (water connection, watchmen, etc) and interests (maintenance of common areas, such as the terrace and compound). If you’ve purchased a flat in a new building, it would probably be best if you took interest in forming a society. The builder may also be statutorily obligated to form a society. For example, under Maharashtra Flat Ownership Act, 1963, a builder must form a society within four months of selling 60% of the flats.

But you needn’t wait for the builder to form the society. In many states, including Delhi and Maharashtra, ten flat-owners are enough to promote a co-operative housing society. A building without a housing society usually indicates that there is a dispute between members or a general lack of interest. If you’re considering buying a house in a building where the society has not been formed, find out what the problem is. If the builder does not form a society, rights to the terrace and the compound continue to rest with him.

We, the “VED LEGAL” provide registration and formation services which help you at every step of society formation, right from inception to final handover. We look after all the legal complications involved in society formation and carry out necessary negotiations with develoers.

We have also completed the registration process for various projects. We specialize in society formation of housing societies, commercial societies, maintenance societies and large townships. We help developers and societies with complex registration process during society mergers, society split, and federation registrations.

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