Housing Society Consultancy In Pune

We are dedicated Co-operative Housing Society Consultancy Located in Pune since 2007. We are expertise in the same field in and around Pune, we provide Monthly /Annual Basis Consultancy to housing societies against reasonable and standard charges for concrete solution, opinion and consultancy under our experts on following issues:-
Consultancy for Housing Societies on following issues: –
1) Consultancy for Handover process of society by builder after its registration / formation.
2) Consultancy for verifying Documents authentication relating to project/scheme, Society, Accounts etc…
3) Consultancy for Maintaining various Registers i.e. proceeding Book / Minutes of Records, Transfer of share / Nominee Register, Ledger Book / Register etc..
4) Consultancy for Laws / Byelaws and Rules made there under such as consultancy for various meetings i.e. M.C.M, S.G.M, A.G.M, Election of Managing Committee & procedure of issuance of Share certificate.
5) Basic Consultancy for Recovery of Due maintenance defaulter member of the society i.e. issuance of Notices / Letters to him /her.
6) Consultancy for nuisance caused by any member or his / her tenants / relatives.
7) Consultancy for restraining illegal activities in the premises of the society.
8) Consultancy for Conveyance Deed and Deemed Conveyance of the society.
9) Consultancy for Miscellaneous issues and day to day affairs of the society.

Our Specialties:
A. Society Formation / Registration ,
B. Conveyance Deed or Deemed Conveyance of society.

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