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Maintenance of Wife under Hindu Adoptions & Maintenance Act, 1956:-
Maintenance, is the support to live life having provision for food, clothing, residence, education, medical attendance and treatment and shelter which, when denies, are required immediately to be granted and cannot await the duration of a long trial. It is relevant to notice, in that behalf, that the provisions of section 18 (1) give absolute entitlement to Hindu wife to be maintained by her husband during her life time.
1) As per the provision of Section 18 of Hindu Adoptions & Maintenance Act, 1956. Hindu wife, whether she is married before or after the commencement of this Act, shall be entitled to be maintained by her husband during her life time.
2) A Hindu wife shall be entitled to live separately from her husband with waiving her claim to maintenance.
a) if the husband is guilty of desertion, that is to say, of abandoning her without reasonable cause and without her Consent, or against her wish , or willfully neglecting her;
b) If the husband has treated her with such cruelty as to cause a reasonable apprehension in her mind that it will be harmful or injurious to live with her husband;
c) if the husband is suffering from a virulent disease that is form of leprosy.
d) if the husband has any other wife living;
e) if the husband keeps a concubine (not wife ) in the house in which his wife is living or habitually resides with a concubine elsewhere;
f) if the husband has changed his religion from Hindu to another religion, by conversion.
g) if there is any other cause justifying living separately.
3) A Hindu wife shall not be entitled to separate residence and maintenance from her husband if wife is Hindu and has change her religion from Hindu to another religion.