Advocate for Deemed conveyance

1) Procedure for deemed conveyance
2) Deemed conveyance procedure
3) Lawyers for deemed conveyance in pune
4) Deemed conveyance for housing society
5) Society conveyance deed
6) Housing society conveyance services in pune
7) How to get deemed conveyance for housing society in pune
8) Is deemed conveyance for cooperative society is important
9) Has your society obtained deemed conveyance
10) Conveyance and deemed conveyance
11) Who will pay for conveyance deed
12) Lawyers for deemed conveyance in pune
13) Deemed conveyance in pune

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Consultancy for Cooperative Housing Societies in Pune and Mumbai

Consultancy for Handover process of society by builder after its registration/formation, Consultancy for verifying Documents authentication relating to Project/Scheme, Society, Accounts etc, maintaining various Registers i.e. Proceeding Book/Minutes of Records, Transfer of share/ Nominee Register, Ledger Book/Register etc.., Laws/Byelaws and Rules made thereunder such as consultancy for various meetings i.e. M.C.M, S.G.M, A.G.M, Election of Managing Committee & procedure of issuance of Share Certificate, Basic Consultancy for Recovery of Due maintenance defaulter member of the society i.e. issuance of Notices / Letters to him/her, nuisance caused by any member or his/her tenants/ relatives, restraining illegal activities in the premises of the society, Conveyance Deed and Deemed Conveyance of the society and Miscellaneous issues of day to day affairs of the society.

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Society formation

Procedure for society formation
Procedure for society Registration
Society formation
Society registration
Advocates for society registration
Advocates for society formation
Lawyers for society formation
Lawyers for society registration
Consultant for society formation
Consultant for society registration
Legal consultant for society formation
Legal consultant for society registration

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Deemed Conveyance

What is the Procedure to register new Co operative housing Society?
What is the Conveyance Deed?
What is Deemed Conveyance?
How to go for Deemed Conveyance?
Best Advocates for Deemed Conveyance in Pune?
What is the Procedure and Rules for Deemed Conveyance?
What is the Redevelopment of Society?
What are the Rules for Redevelopment?
How to Conduct Meetings for Redevelopment?
Why Society should go For Redevelopment?
How to get Feasibility for Redevelopment of Society?
Deemed Conveyance
Deemed Conveyance in Pune
Advocates for Deemed Conveyance in Pune
Lawyers for Deemed Conveyance in Pune
Consultants for Deemed Conveyance in pune
Legal consultation for Deemed Conveyance in Pune
Deemed Conveyance in Pune
Procedure for Deemed Conveyance in Pune
Conveyance Deed
Conveyance Deed registration

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Deemed conveyance

society formation
what is deemed conveyance
procedure for society registration
society registration in pune
society registration pune
conveyance deed registration
procedure to register new co operative housing society
what is the society formation procedure
what is the conveyance deed
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what is the redevelopment of society
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Company secretary work

1) Company secretary
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13) Conversation of company or Organization
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21) Company Secretarial Services
22) Company Secretarial Services in Pune
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26) Conversion of other forms of organisations into private/public company
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51) Application for Director Identification Number(DIN)
52) Acquiring Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
53) PAN, TAN, MVAT, Service Tax registrations
54) Investor related services:, share transfer, transmission of shares, duplicate share certificates, De-mat applications
55) Business set-up consultancy and guidance

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Documents needs to be Handover from Builder to the Society / Owners Association

1. Property Documents executed between the Landowners and Builders

2. Approved Construction Plan

3. Completion Certificate

4. Occupancy Certificate

5. NoC from Fire Department

6. NoC from Electrical Inspector

7. Clearance to operate Elevators

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Registration/Formation Procedure of Co-operative Housing Society

The procedure for Co-operative Housing Society Registration begins with electing a Chief Promoter in a meeting of the Promoters. The builder under the Flat Owners type of co-operative society has the first right to act as the chief promoter. The developer / flat purchasers should call for a meeting of the Promoters by issuing the notice under Agenda of the meeting given at least 14 days notice to the Promoters. In this meeting, a Chief Promoter is elected who can exercise such powers and carry out such functions as are mentioned in the minutes of the Promoters of the proposed Co-operative Society. After electing the Chief Promoter, the proposed name of the society has to be decided by the Promoters. Normally, the name reservation proposal should be accompanied by the signature of at least 10 Promoters who have attended the meeting. It is a common belief that the Society should consist of at least 10 members. If the number is less than 10 then special permission from Government has to be taken. In such cases, the garages/car parking may be allotted to other relatives of the promoter to reach a number of 10.

It would be of interest to note that the model bye-laws define flat as a Flat means a separate set and self-contained set of premises used or intended to be used or intended to be used for residence, or office or showroom, or shop, or godown and includes a garage, or dispensary, or consulting room, or clinic, or flour mill, the premises forming part of a building and includes an apartment. On allotment of name and permission to open a bank account by the Registrar, the Chief Promoter has to collect Share Capital, Entrance Fees from promoters and deposit the same in the branch of the bank permitted by the Registrar. It should be noted that the amount cannot be withdrawn from the Bank till the Society is Registered or its Registration is refused, except with prior written permission of the Registrar. The Chief Promoter should submit Registration Proposal to the Registering Authority within a period of 3 months from the date of issue of Letter of Reservation in the name of the proposed Society.

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Documents for Registration of Co-operative Housing Society

The documents that need to be submitted to the Registering Authorities for Housing Co-operative Society Registration are as under :

1. Application for registration of Housing Co-operative Society in Form A along with Statement A. Enclosure to application for Registration as per Rule 4(1) of Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Rules, 1961.
2. Information about proposed Housing Co-operative Society in Statement ‘B’ (vide Govt. Circular dated 2-5-1980).
3. Information about promoter members of the proposed Housing Co-operative Society in Statement ‘C’ (vide Govt. Circular dt. 2-5-1980).
4. A Statement of Accounts as per Form D.
5. Model Bye-laws.
6. Bank Balance Certificate.
7. S.B.I. / Treasury Challan for payment of Registration Fee of Rs. 2500
8. Title Clearance Certificate from an Advocate
9. A true copy of the approved Building Plan.
10. Letter of Authority Granting permission to commence construction work/Completion Certificate (if applicable).
11. Affidavit on Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper from at least 10 promoter members to the effect that they are residing in the area of operation of the Society (Proposed), made before a Competent Authority.
12. An affidavit from the Chief Promoter on Stamp Paper of Rs. 100/- executed before the Competent Authority in form ‘Y’.
13. Certified True Copy of an agreement made on Stamp paper and registered between the builder, promoter and purchasers of flat.
14. Where the promoter members are firms/ companies, a letter of authority from such firms/companies authorizing the promoter to sign on behalf of firm / company.
15. In the case of such proposed societies, names of 60% of the flat holders of the total number of flats constructed or proposed to be constructed as per the plan approved, must be included in Statement ‘A’ to be attached to the Registration Proposal. It is the duty of the Registrar to register the society and on registration of the society, it becomes a separate legal entity. Thereafter, the management of the affairs of the society is carried out by the managing committee which is elected by the general body meeting of the society. It may be of interest to note that in a co-operative society the principle is one member one vote. In a co-operative society, the right to be exercised in the general body meeting is a personal right. This is one of the reasons why even a person holding a power of attorney cannot attend the general body meeting of the society. The quantum of the capital being introduced by the member is not of much importance. Preference should be given to the formation of a private limited company if one member proposes to acquire the majority of flats in the building.

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